1. LUS Strip
    AVR Lighting helped Ventola Projects Ltd to acheive the perfect lighting solution for the bowling leisure industry.
  2. Branding with Light
    AVR Lighting helped M&M stand out on the high street with bespoke manufactured branding with light.
  3. Pixel Ceiling
    The first of Abstract AVR's pixel ceilings installed at one of Leicester's premium night club venues.
  4. LED Effect
    The office have treated their office to a digital LED grid installation!
  5. Effect
    Take a look at some of the many effects and applications digital LED tape can achieve...
  6. AVR Lighting Facilities
    Take a tour of our factory to see how we can add value to your lighting project...
  7. Capture - White Light
    "For Friedman Benda Gallery, New York WHITE LIGHT illuminates an empty room where everything and nothing changes. From afar the room looks as if a window has been opened to let in the sunshine. On closer inspection we see a ceiling that is in fact a brilliant, illuminated mosaic of precisely calibrated and positioned colours. Paul Cocksedge adds: ‘It’s always been a source of sheer wonder to me that sunlight, which we perceive as white, in fact consists of every single colour that exists. There is something simple and perfect about that, but it also leads to complex and significant questions about appearance, about perception, and about reality. And this was my inspiration for WHITE LIGHT.’"